Peyton Doty

Financial Services Professional

Peyton Doty is a dedicated Financial Services Professional at True Path Financial, a premier firm renowned for its commitment to empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve financial independence. With a fervent passion for assisting professionals across all life paths, Peyton's expertise spans a wide spectrum of financial domains, including retirement planning strategies, insurance solutions, education planning, and tax strategies optimization.

A proud alumnus of the University of Southern California, Peyton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Leveraging his comprehensive education and practical experience, he brings a nuanced understanding of financial intricacies to his clients, ensuring tailored and effective guidance. Beyond his professional pursuits, Peyton finds joy in rooting for USC football and immersing himself in the excitement of sports. Yet, amidst his busy schedule, he prioritizes cherished moments with friends and family, recognizing the value of balance and connection in life.

Peyton Doty is insurance licensed in the following states: California and Colorado

California Insurance License #: 4375281

Colorado Insurance License #: 844339

Phone (949)-374-1794