John Romero

Managing Partner, California

John is a dedicated field leader with over a decade of passionate leadership experience that brings his three values approach to working with his teams. Perseverance, strength, and honor.   His approach is his hallmark. Utilized while recruiting and coaching new advisors to build a strong foundation to their new career, so they can create a multi decade practice. Working with experienced Veteran advisors to create annual double-digit growth in their practices, and assisting veteran practices building a team, for not only future succession, but a strong work life balance.

In order to create a fun, inclusive, successful, and diverse culture John believes he and his leadership & support staff teams’ number one priority is to serve the advisors, as they serve the clients. Assisting the advisors to accomplish their unique goals with their unique values in the most positive, collaborative, and supportive way possible. John is able to use his 15 years’ experience in the industry in all capacities as an advisor first, recruiter, manager, principal, and leader of leaders to help the agencies and organizations accomplish their goals locally and globally. 

When John is not dedicating himself to advisors (existing, or recruiting new advisors into the career), support staff, leadership team, and corporate partners he loves to spend time with his family. John describes his household as an avid ski, golf, and cooking (and cleaning) household. He hopes his children inherit his personal interests in Porsche 911’s, Classic American Muscle Cars, collecting hot wheels, collecting/aging/caring for exclusive cigars/wine/whiskies from around the world, home design, and a deep appreciation for Horology.

John Romero is a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of, and securities and investment advisory services are offered solely by, Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, True Path Financial and Insurance Services is independent of Equity Services, Inc. He offers securities in CA and is insurance licensed in the following states: CA, NV

Nevada License #3493032