Dan Fomenko

Financial Services Professional

Dan is an associate at True Path Financial, specializing in comprehensive financial strategies, tax free wealth building strategies with permanent insurance, and tax mitigation. Being heavily involved in local churches and community volunteering in Irvine, he highly values building lifelong relationships with people and helping his clients achieve their financial goals.


His parents immigrated in 1989 from the former Soviet Union along with 6 kids as refugees to Spokane, Washington where he was born as the baby of 7. His father showed him that through hard work anything is possible as he took their family from poverty to middle class in just 12 years. The importance of hard work along with strong ethics and values are things that he has built his business and practice on today. 


He moved to Southern California in 2013, graduated from Cal State Northridge and has been working in financial industry ever since.


Being a very adventurous individual, he enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and both watching and playing sports. Meeting new people and hanging out with friends/family is very important to him, as an extrovert. This propels him to grow his relationships; which in turn allows him to help people get to a better place financially. When he is helping and educating people to become financially literate, he feels most connected to his life’s purpose. 


Daniel Fomenko is a life and health insurance licensed in the following states: 

AK, CA, HI, NY, PA, TX, & WA. 

California Insurance License# 4067952.

Mobile Phone 805-901-9801