Agustin Pradillo

Financial Services Professional

Agustin Pradillo is a seasoned Financial Professional at True Path Financial, one of the leading financial services organizations in Orange County.  He has been married to Aida Guedea for 42 years and has been a Mexican diplomat for 25 years, which allowed him to travel and see the world; For 11 years he was Communications Counselor at the Mexican Embassy in Venezuela, residing in the city of Caracas, where he attended various meetings in international forums as a Mexican representative with the assistance of presidents and ministers of foreign affairs and finance.

Subsequently, he was in the Mexican consulates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Ana and Chicago, as Consul of Social Communication, where in addition to liaising with the California authorities, he had a great relationship with members of the Hispanic community in the United States.

Four years ago, he decided to take a fundamental turn in his career. Agustin became a life and health insurance agent, focused on helping to meet the needs of the Hispanic community in this country. He realized their great needs and also their inexperience with the great opportunities that come with knowing all the financial tools offered by highly prestigious companies. He excited to continue this work and impact for many years to come.


Agustín E. Pradillo is insurance licensed in the following states: California Insurance License# 0M34804

Mobile Phone 818-357-0251